Geert in one word: BeMoved

My passion is to motivate and to challenge myself and others towards a healthier mind in a healthier body.

Why Geert?

As international product manager I am constantly involved in innovation projects in a changing industry, where everything has to be faster and more efficient, more and more emphasis is put on the importance of innovation …

But due to lack of time and inadequate structure many innovation projects fail.

Three important questions are often overlooked:

  • What does the customer really want? (Voice of the customer)
  • What can we offer as a company? (Voice of the employees)
    • The connection with the work floor is crucial to make optimum use of our own potential
  • What does the company really want? (Voice of the Company)
    • Important for each project is a clear mission (what do we do, what do we not do) resulting in clear innovation missions.

My experience over the years is that companies have a lot of unexplored potential.

My mission is to assist companies in unveiling this potential on a fast, efficient and structured expedition.

PASSION, STRUCTURE, DRIVE, three ingredients for successful innovations

Without passion, no innovation. The basis of every innovation is the will to drive things differently and better. This passion has helped me during my thirty years’ experience in the business world to develop creative solutions for the most challenging and diverse problems.

As an engineer I learned and experienced that innovation without structure produces beautiful fireworks but does not create sustainable change that is embedded in the organization.

And innovation also requires drive … Innovation does not stop at spouting new original ideas … It requires a thorough effort from a dedicated team to achieve results.

It helps that I personally love sports: working towards a goal, focused training and peaking when needed.



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