Geert combines the ambition of an American, the wisdom of a Belgian and the decisiveness of a Dutchman and is therefore a super-effective innovator.


Always goes for 100%.

He does what he says and says what he does.

He will always meticulously prepare everything he does.


“Geert gets to the bottom of matters and will help and support others in this. He can express himself fluently in French and English.

He sets limits where necessary. He can give presentations and does this smoothly. Problem situations are analysed in a down-to-earth manner, even if they come too close for comfort. He can organize well (e.g. activities for larger groups …). He loves a good chat. Geert can write something concise in a clear way”.


Geert is a real go-getter and if he sets his mind on something he will do everything he can to achieve that goal!

Geert is someone who lives very healthy and who tries to involve other people in order to stimulate them to a healthy lifestyle!


When Geert commits himself to a specific assignment, you can be sure that he will always give 100%, and not give up when only half work has been delivered!

A real professional!


I worked intensively with Geert for ten years. He is a very loyal, devoted, creative professional who is 100% committed to the tasks given. Although he is certainly a team player, he is self-propelling, full of initiative and ambition to improve what he is responsible for. In short: a real pleasure to work with him!


Geert has strong problem solving capabilities.

He is accurate and helpful.

He is known to us as “Geertipedius”.


Geert is very good at planning and organizing. Geert sticks to his word. A deal is a deal. You can count on Geert Vermeir!


If there is a problem, he is always ready to help people. That is much appreciated!

He lives healthy and also tries to encourage other people to live healthier. He is very interested in sport and a healthy mind is also important. Man sana in corpore sano! He is always dedicated 100% to an assignment.