Innovation catalyst

Many companies innovate out of necessity and then usually work ill-prepared and unstructured. As a result 4 out of 5 innovation projects are never used in the market. That is why I work with the FORTH method, with which 1 in 2 innovation projects are successfully used in the market.

“A study at the Open University shows that of 100 ideas, 78 are developed and 51 are actually introduced. This is in contrast to Stagegate where 21 will be introduced. So the innovation efficiency will be doubled due to the professional starting position. In this webinar you will find an overview of the research results”.

As a  facilitator, I guide companies in 20 weeks from a clearly defined mission to 3 to 5 mini business plans.

The strength of the method is the structure of the innovation process. It requires a clear innovation mission and dedication from the management

FORTH is an acronym for an innovation expedition.

Full Steam Ahead from the innovation mission as supported by the organization.
Observe and learn about customer frictions, trends and technologies.
Raise ideas and concepts.
Test these concepts with customers.
Homecoming by presenting the business cases to the management including a transfer to the development team.

Bruil ( is a Dutch company active in the traditional concrete industry. Under pressure from a waning industry and economic crisis, they were forced to reboost their family business after 3 radical restructurings. After a FORTH trajectory they are again leading in their sector with strong growth in revenue and workforce. Recently, their 3D-print technique for creating architectural concrete was introduced.

Why choose Geert?

  • 30 years of worldwide experience in the field
  • 11 years of experience in innovation projects (in most cases as project leader)
  • Certified Voort facilitator
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black belt: experience in Change Management (converting inherent resistance into a driving force)
  • Through the process of internal and external cross-fertilization, we create a shift in the minds of the employees, they feel more personally involved and motivated by this process. In addition, fresh and original ideas come to the surface
  • Innovation culture is anchored in the company
Lean Six Sigma projects

“One out of ten people feel bad about their job every day …
the unhappy feeling starts already on Sunday evening”

Many companies struggle with absenteeism and insufficiently motivated employees. Main causes are a feeling of lack of appreciation and overload.

As a Lean Six Sigma Black belt I guide companies in 26 to 52 weeks through a measurable improvement project with a clear financial and humane objective.

I work with a clear structure and planning (DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve, Control).

Lean: together with your employees we look for ways to make processes more efficient and smoother, resulting in less work pressure.

Six Sigma: Together with your team, we look for a better quality of the process with proven methodologies, resulting in a higher level of quality awareness.


Why BeMoved?

  • 30 years of worldwide experience in the field
  • Experience as a product manager in continuous improvement processes
  • Lean Six Sigma Black belt certified
  • Lean (continuous improvement) and Six Sigma (measuring is knowing) become a mindset within your company by active involvement of the work floor
  • Employees become co-workers through the process of internal cross-fertilization and self-reliance

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